Into the Shadow
Image Credit & Copyright: 
Laszlo Francsics

Explanation: On January 21, 2019 moonwatchers on planet Earth saw a total lunar eclipse. In 35 frames this composite image follows the Moon that night as it crossed into Earth’s dark umbral shadow. Taken 3 minutes apart, they almost melt together in a continuous screen that captures the dark colors within the shadow itself and the northern curve of the shadow’s edge. Sunlight scattered by the atmosphere into the shadow causes the lunar surface to appear reddened during totality (left), but close to the umbra’s edge, the limb of the eclipsed Moon shows a remarkable blue hue. The blue eclipsed moonlight originates as rays of sunlight pass through layers high in Earth’s upper stratosphere, colored by ozone that scatters red light and transmits blue. The Moon’s next crossing into Earth’s umbral shadow, will be on May 26, 2021.

Laszlo Francsics

说明:2019年1月21日,地球上的赏月者有福见到一次月全食。这幅由35张定格组成的影像,呈现月亮在那晚穿过地球黝黑本影的景象。这些每幅相隔3分钟、几乎融在一起的影像,记录了黝黑的暗影和影子圆形的北缘。被地球大气散射到影子里的阳光,把全食月渲染成古铜色,不过,近本影边缘的月盘邻边,却带着迷人的蓝晕。这种出现在月食期间的泛蓝月光,前身是穿过地球平流层顶部高空的阳光,因该处的臭氧会散射滤除红光而透过蓝光。下次见到月亮滑入地球本影的月全食事件,得等到2021年5月26日。By : 中文 NASATags: 月全食TLE本影